I’m An Aunt!

Oona Grande _ Kim and John 05

Last week, my sister gave birth to her baby girl — which makes me an aunt! :) With Kim and John’s permission, I’d love to introduce her to you and share a few lovely photos which were taken in the hospital…

It’s Complicated: My Return to Facebook

Real love makes your lungs black Hailey Savage Photography Flickr 2018-01-21

Five months ago, I wrote about my decision to leave Facebook as a significant step forward in caring for my mental health during a time when my thought patterns and feelings were reaching stressful, scary, and tumultuous lows. In an act of solidarity, Jonathan and I clicked “deactivate” together, both of us keen on reorienting our priorities and focus. Since then, we’ve moved two states away and started partly-new jobs; we’ve dealt with some setbacks and unforeseen frustrations, but at the same time have been working to sink in roots which include a welcoming new group of friends and (finally) a love of our surroundings.

Things still haven’t been easy (mental health management is a constant work in progress with no quick fixes) but the positive result is that most of the outside factors negatively impacting my heart and mind have been stripped away, leaving, well, me.

Then recently, Jonathan told me something…

A Lesson In Empathy and Suicidal Thoughts

Anthony Bourdain Kitchen Confidential Parts Unknown

Upon hearing the news of Kate Spade‘s death earlier this week, I noticed the sadly familiar shift of a conversation steeped with sadness, understanding, and loss, to one which couldn’t help but emphasize that Kate has “a 13-year-old daughter” and “how could anyone be so selfish?”

Then came the news this morning about Anthony Bourdain, and my heart broke into a thousand pieces…

Heartbroken — and Full of Anger


On Wednesday, at least 17 people — children and adults — were gunned down at a high school in Parkland, Florida. The perpetrator was one man who, it should come as no surprise to mention, was carrying a AR-15-style assault rifle and massive quantities of ammunition.

I don’t know what else to say at this point. I’m heartbroken, but mostly — I’m really fucking mad.

How Jonathan and I Started Dating


On January 14th, Jonathan and I celebrated our 8th anniversary of being together, but we didn’t actually have our first official date until Valentines Day — exactly eight years ago today.

The story of us finally getting together is a weird one, mostly because it took us so damn long. In a way, I see it as a cautionary tale for nervous people, the moral of the story being: Just tell the person you like how you feel. The result could potentially be the best thing that’s ever happened to you…

Fay’s First Wedding


Last October, my sister, Kim, got married (!!) to her wonderful (now-) husband, John. It’s hard to express the joy I feel to see her so truly happy.

She received her wedding photos a bit before Christmas, and although she has yet to reveal all of them to me (grrrr), she did send me the ones her photographer took of Fay with my mom and her before the ceremony.

Would you like to see?