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My name is Stacy Hyatt, writer and editor of this blog.

I live on an island in the Puget Sound, surrounded by woods and trails and bugs and puddles, with my husband (Jonathan), daughter (Fay), son (Cary) and a trio of fluffy cats.

Stacy, etc.—for me—is a space catered to the woman, sister, friend, wife, and mother I am right now: a person in search of how to live her truest, happiest life when it can seem especially hard. I am, to put it simply, a constant work in progress. I write openly about my struggles with depression and anxiety, as well as my love for everything from photography and film to makeup and travel. I am not an artist or photographer, a designer or “influencer.” However, I’m an eternally curious over-sharer, I know what I like, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Psst… one further note about this blog:

Use of Images

Images used on this blog are a mix of my own photos and photography / illustrations / product images / etc. from others on the Internet, usually by way of Flickr, Instagram, or an individual artist’s website. While I am adamant about always noting the owner/creator of every image with links back to the original image source within each post, full transparency is important: I do not pay for nor do I always ask for permission to use a particular image belonging to another person. Being that my blog is for personal use, with readership extending to only a few dozen friends, my resources are very limited — but my standards are high. I am passionate about collecting beautiful images that speak to me, and sometimes one will match perfectly with a topic about which I am writing. However, it is never my intention to infringe on the copyright of any photographer or artist whose work appears here.

If you are the owner of an image used on this site and wish for it to be taken down, please contact me and it will be removed immediately — no questions asked and with my sincerest apologies.

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(Above image of me, starry-eyed and joyous on my wedding day, with my husband and twin sister by my side; June 2014)