Our Wedding: Jonathan + Me


Immediately after the ceremony and a bit of time with family for photos, Jonathan and I went off with our photographer Joe to take some pictures just the two of us…


The property is huge, and we wandered towards the most popular wedding ceremony area — a spot surrounded by trees — just across the bridge and down a path towards the train tracks.


Joe expressed hesitation about taking pictures on the tracks because he felt like it might look hokey. We agreed, but as we walked down the tracks towards another photo site, I guess he saw something he liked and snapped photos anyway!


We took a path down towards the meadows…


… and took photos in front of an old, abandoned, one-room cabin. (Inside it looked like a murder-cabin, but outside it was so pretty!)


We’re so happy with how these turned out. In our 4+ years together, we’ve never had any high quality pictures taken of us — much less professional — and it feels wonderful to have these beautiful memories we can show our future children and cherish forever.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to close us out with a picture-heavy post all about our reception! :)

(Photos by Joe Gunn)

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