One Year Later: Our Wedding Photobooth


In honor of our first anniversary (!!) I am finally posting pictures from our wedding photobooth!

Full disclosure: There were hun. dra. eds. of pictures — so many nearly identical — that I put off sharing them because I couldn’t bring myself to pick only a handful. Well, the time has come; I sucked it up and made it happen: around 40 selects to show just how cute and silly my friends and family are.

Our Wedding: The Reception


The last post in this wedding series is all about the reception — the big ol’ party we planned especially as a “Thank You” to all of our incredible friends and family who traveled to be with us…

Our Wedding: Jonathan + Me


Immediately after the ceremony and a bit of time with family for photos, Jonathan and I went off with our photographer Joe to take some pictures just the two of us…

Our Wedding: Getting Ready


Now that you’ve read about our venue and wedding design, time to go deep into our wedding pictures — starting with a bit about how everyone looked and what they were wearing…

Our Wedding: Design + Decor


Before we get into more wedding day pictures, I wanted to take a moment to explain the design and decor we chose: the overall theme, color scheme, paper products, favors for guests, flowers, etc… basically all of those little details that make a wedding unique and personal…

Our Wedding: The Venue


Our venue, The Twenty Mile House, is located in Cromberg, CA (just outside Graeagle — another town you’ve probably never heard of, about 1 1/2 hours north of Lake Tahoe) nestled in the California Sierras.

When Jonathan and I got engaged in March 2013, the entirety of the proceeding two months were dedicated to researching venue locations that fit our (OK: my) very strict standards. Luckily he was on board with everything and since he was too busy with school to dedicate the kind of time I was willing to, he let me drive that car, so to speak.

After tons of consideration and a few serious contenders (including a popular venue in the Bay Area and a spot in Santa Barbara that nearly got a deposit from us), I discovered Twenty Mile House while browsing Here Comes the Bride — and it was perfect…