32 Reasons I Love Kimmy

It’s my sister’s and my birthday today, so in honor of the big 3-2, I’ve decided to share 32 reasons why I love and admire Kim so much…

I can tell her literally anything and she’ll never judge or think less of me.

  1. She has super cool tattoos.
  2. She isn’t afraid to do something exciting and new with her hair.
  3. She is a crazy-generous host and house guest.
  4. She throws the best brunches and movie nights; there’s always plenty of food and drinks to go around.
  5. There’s never an awkward (or quiet!) moment when I’m with her.
  6. She has mad dance moves that simply can’t be replicated.
  7. She’s almost always available for a good mid-day G-chat.
  8. She is super supportive of everything I want to do, whether it’s write a blog or get another cat.
  9. She actually trusts and values my recommendations rather than just indulging me.
  10. She’ll sit and Skype with me for hours on the weekend, which makes it feel like we’re really hanging out.
  11. Her enthusiasm for things she loves cannot be matched.
  12. She prioritizes coming to visit me when we live far away from each other (which is always).
  13. When everyone else was caught up in high school friend and boyfriend drama, she was too busy recording old movies on VHS and watching them just so she could check the titles off her Oscar winners and nominees list.
  14. She’s a bad-ass Boss Lady, already, at such a young age.
  15. She keeps me honest — never afraid to challenge or question me.
  16. There are always Q-Tips in her guest bathroom because priorities.
  17. She always finishes what she starts, like her Sunday movie night series of AFI’s Top 100 Best Movies list.
  18. We share a not-even-kinda-guilty love for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. (#TeamKhloe)
  19. She has an amazing memory for random, seemingly useless information, like the numbers and names of every Buffy and The X-Files episode.
  20. She inherited the “Johnstone gene” and tells really good (long) stories.
  21. Her personal style is both trendy and unabashedly original; she doesn’t care what anyone thinks because she likes what she likes.
  22. She has awesome taste in home decor — and she isn’t afraid to pay for it.
  23. When we’re together, she’s always willing to be the one who drives.
  24. We take the same kind of creamer in our coffee, so I never have to worry she won’t have some when I visit.
  25. She loves lady-led, 80s-meets-modern, electro-pop music and always seems to have a new singer or band to tell me about.
  26. We’re so similar and yet very different, and that just happens to be the perfect combination for never running out of new and interesting things to talk about.
  27. Looking at her tiny, hot bod is good diet motivation because then I know exactly what I would look like if I were to lose around 6&y#Q! pounds.
  28. We share a similar obsession with baby names, so I can rest assured #GrandeBabyUno is going to get a good one.
  29. She gives herself (and me!) amaaaaaaazing blow outs. I wish she could live with me and do my hair every day.
  30. For 32 years, she’s been my partner in crime, confidant, and best friend — I can always count on her and she can always count on me.
  31. And finally, she never forgets my birthday! ;-)

Happy Birthday, Kimmy! I wish we were celebrating with one another, but I know we will have wonderful days and weekends apart with our respective people — and then tell each other all about it on Monday so it feels like we experienced it together.

I love you, always, dear twinsie.

x Stacy

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