Heartbroken — and Full of Anger


On Wednesday, at least 17 people — children and adults — were gunned down at a high school in Parkland, Florida. The perpetrator was one man who, it should come as no surprise to mention, was carrying a AR-15-style assault rifle and massive quantities of ammunition.

I don’t know what else to say at this point. I’m heartbroken, but mostly — I’m really fucking mad.

My Favorite Event of the Winter Olympics

Ice Skating - Winter Olympic Games St Moritz 1928

Are you planning on tuning in to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea? The big opening ceremony takes place in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow (3 a.m. PT!), but the games officially kicked off last night with it’s first event.

You may be surprised to know it is also my favorite overall event of the entire winter games…

They Capture Magic

Gia Coppola Untitled VI Tappan Collective Photography

After nearly a decade of collecting art — from prints to photography to original work — I’ve found myself left with hodge-podge of styles and subjects, made more complicated by the fact Jonathan and I don’t have the exact same affinity for artwork.

Reflected in the bunch seems to be the very uncertainty, immaturity, and inconsistency that dogged us both through the whole of our twenties: a time of impulse buys, constant moves, and less purposeful living…

Do You Try to See the Best Picture Nominees Before the Oscars?

Lady Bird Saoirse Ronan

The Oscar nominations for 2018 were announced this morning and I’m always super excited to wake up and check them out every year — whether I end up happy about the nominees or not.

Thanks to a more concerted effort and our recent subscription to MoviePass (an absolute steal; if you don’t have it and you like going to see movies, it’s a must-buy), we have already done really good this year of seeing the nominees, which makes me curious…

I Stand With the Women of the World

Women's March Kathryn Page Ugh Where Do I Start 2018-01-20

Did you march this weekend? I sadly wasn’t able to be at one of the many Women’s Marches which took place in cities large and small on Saturday, but I’ve been completely absorbed in and inspired by the signs, speeches, sentiments, and strength of women and our allies being shared online.

What a difference a year makes…

Mother and Child

Tasha Tudor 1940 child nursing

Browsing the Internet last week, I ran across these beautiful photographs of a young Tasha Tudor with her family and children, taken by Nell Dorr in the 1940’s for the latter’s book Mother and Child (which is sadly no longer in print). We just purchased Pumpkin Moonshine for Fay to honor autumn and Halloween, so I’m reveling in the sweet coincidence of running into these pictures of the illustrator so soon after being introduced to her work.

I saved a few of my favorites to share with you, if you’d like to take a look…

Remembering Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Late last night, I was sitting on the couch with Jonathan and noticed A Little Princess sitting on my bookshelf, buried amongst the other books I saved from my young years. I suddenly got really excited and burst out to Jonathan with a gasp: “Oh my gosh! In the doctor’s office waiting room last week, they were playing Shirley Temple’s A Little Princess and I was so upset I couldn’t stay and watch it — it’s been years since I’ve seen it! It was always my favorite movie versions of the story and one of her best films.”

I jumped up to grab the book and also pulled Heidi off the shelf, another great adaptation of Shirley’s. I became so nostalgic and began explaining how much I adored her films as a kid, and how much watching them shaped my sister’s and my childhood.

At this point, Jonathan (the graduate student in Film Studies) revealed that he had never seen a single Shirley Temple movie. I was aghast! I vowed to him that I would now be dropping everything to dedicate myself to educating him on one of the most iconic (and adorable) film stars in Hollywood’s history.

Then, this morning, he woke me up with the news that she had passed away…


Stardust Portrait 9545

One of my favorite things about the internet today is how artists and creatives of various sorts have found interesting ways to collaborate with others, specifically: me and you and everyone commonplace. I went into great detail about my excitement (and involvement) with Foster Huntington’s The Burning House, which was my first foray into these free, online collaborative projects. When opportunities like this arise, I can’t help but join the legions of others who want to be part of it.

Which brings me to the Stardust Project by Sergio Albiac. Sergio created an imaging program that can take pictures of people’s faces (submitted by anyone who wants to be involved) and generate unique portraits using a mosaic-smattering of nebulae images taken from the Hubble. He’ll provide you with three different portraits, and they’ll also be posted with the thousands of others on his Flickr