They Capture Magic

Gia Coppola Untitled VI Tappan Collective Photography

After nearly a decade of collecting art — from prints to photography to original work — I’ve found myself left with hodge-podge of styles and subjects, made more complicated by the fact Jonathan and I don’t have the exact same affinity for artwork.

Reflected in the bunch seems to be the very uncertainty, immaturity, and inconsistency that dogged us both through the whole of our twenties: a time of impulse buys, constant moves, and less purposeful living…

Fay’s First Wedding


Last October, my sister, Kim, got married (!!) to her wonderful (now-) husband, John. It’s hard to express the joy I feel to see her so truly happy.

She received her wedding photos a bit before Christmas, and although she has yet to reveal all of them to me (grrrr), she did send me the ones her photographer took of Fay with my mom and her before the ceremony.

Would you like to see?

Some Distractions: Cat Jenga, Rosie the Riveter, Paddington 2, Etc.

Through every open window Becky Jaffe Flickr 2017-12-26

It’s hump day! Are you surviving? I am, but just barely. It has been a busy, eventful week and we’re only halfway through!

Right this way for some mid-week distractions…

Speaking of the Oscars, I could not stop laughing at this “groundless” opinion piece about the Best Picture nominees by one of my favorite tweeters Alexandra Petri.

Cat Jenga! Fay would love this (for two seconds and then knock it over and scream with laughter).

A pregnancy test in… an IKEA ad?

Just as I was sitting down to my first cup of coffee at work last week, I received a link with a simple text from Jonathan: “Omg — must buy.” It arrived on Monday.

Paper breakfasts! (via SwissMiss)

Craving: cookies ‘n’ cream cupcakes. (Bonus: ice skating US championship highlights!)

The real real life Rosie the Riveter, Naomi Parker Fraley, has died at the age of 96. She once said: “The women of this country these days need some icons. If they think I’m one, I’m happy about that.”

Fake news on social media: Twitter vs. Facebook.

Singer-songwriter Halsey’s gut-wrenching poem, “A Story Like Mine” performed at the NYC Women’s March. (Trigger warning: explicit references to sexual assault.)

How cool is this photography project?

Have you seen Paddington 2 yet? I adored the first one and now the sequel is officially the best reviewed film of all time, beating out Toy Story 2 for the most consecutive “fresh” reviews.

18 books by women and writers of color to read “that bring fire, fury, and sometimes, both.”

I cannot take my eyes off of Danielle Brooks in her SAG Awards dress. Pure magic.

(Photo by Becky Jaffe)

Do You Try to See the Best Picture Nominees Before the Oscars?

Lady Bird Saoirse Ronan

The Oscar nominations for 2018 were announced this morning and I’m always super excited to wake up and check them out every year — whether I end up happy about the nominees or not.

Thanks to a more concerted effort and our recent subscription to MoviePass (an absolute steal; if you don’t have it and you like going to see movies, it’s a must-buy), we have already done really good this year of seeing the nominees, which makes me curious…

I Stand With the Women of the World

Women's March Kathryn Page Ugh Where Do I Start 2018-01-20

Did you march this weekend? I sadly wasn’t able to be at one of the many Women’s Marches which took place in cities large and small on Saturday, but I’ve been completely absorbed in and inspired by the signs, speeches, sentiments, and strength of women and our allies being shared online.

What a difference a year makes…

Some Distractions: Puffins, TJ’s, Aziz Ansari, Etc.

Chubby cheeks Marina Weishaupt Flickr 2017-08-08

Happy hump day, friends! How’s your week going? I feel like my family is battling through its thousandth consecutive week of  sickness. Fay’s adventures in daycare, which started back in October, could be subtitled “Tales of a Perpetually Runny Nose.” We’ve been so caught up in taking care of ourselves, Jonathan and I nearly forgot our 8-year anniversary on Sunday! (Luckily we had already celebrated.)

For those interested, here are some distractions to take your mind off that cold you’re probably fighting against…

Have you seen this adorable Netflix show about a puffin named Oona? We’ve started showing Fay more TV and she loves it!

New year, same deal. (Totally guilty of this!)

After months of feeling wishy-washy, I finally used ThredUP, spending about $50 on a pair of Eileen Fisher tops normally worth over $600! I’m officially hooked.

Building a log cabin from scratch. Amazing!!

Top Trader Joe’s products of 2017. What are your favorites? (Mine is this!)

Officially going to start doing yoga again. This writer’s sweet and funny account of her 30-day yoga challenge reminds me why I loved and need it.

Eyelash icicles in the “coldest village in the world.”

My trusty pair of black jeans officially kicked the bucket last week (RIP: cheap Old Navy jeans). Thinking of taking my jean game up a notch and investing in this high-waisted pair designed for curvy girls.

Today’s New Yorker cartoon made me snort-laugh!

and finally…

A two-sided compendium of articles and opinions, thoughtfully compiled by my favorite blogger who echoes my complicated feelings on Aziz Ansari and the “gray area” surrounding sex, assault, and consent. The Cut also has a great reading list to go through if you are, like me, still working through conflicting thoughts on the matter. (I’d like to add this one and this one to the mix as well.)

(Photo by Marina Weishaupt — and check out her stunning Instagram)

Christmas in Monterey

IMG_4031 (2)

We had plans to visit Jonathan’s family in Santa Barbara/Carpinteria for Christmas this year, but with the Thomas Fire (the largest in California’s history) only just getting under control and ash still raining down over two counties, we made the decision to relocate our holiday celebration to somewhere new.

In an effort to replicate the typical sunny, crisp-ocean air Christmas that Santa Barbara typically provides, we picked Monterey and rented a house for his parents and us to share — just a short walk to the aquarium and Cannery Row…

Some Distractions: Calendars, Best Sex Scenes, Etc.

Halo Christmas thank you Steve Hall Sheltie World Flickr 2017-12-12

Happy hump day and Merry (belated) Christmas to anyone who celebrated on Monday! Are you off of work this week? I’m back today but am already looking forward to a long weekend for New Year’s.

If you’re as unmotivated as I am this week due to the holidays, you probably don’t need any more distractions, but just in case…

Binge-watching The Great British Baking Show has me craving this cake for almond lovers. Would you try making it?

Patton Oswalt on falling in love again, or read the full transcript. Had me clutching my heart!

A few beautiful calendars for 2018. (I just bought this one and it’s so much fun.)

Dreaming of a vacation and an excuse to wear this every day, though I suppose it would make a pretty perfect office uniform too.

One for me and one for him.

Book pins! (Debating between The Elements of Style and The Handmaid’s Tale)

The struggle to reconcile products of pop culture with the bad people who create them has become a major theme of 2017…

Loving this artwork. (And a quick shout out to my friend Amanda for introducing me to the amazing artist.)

The best sex scenes in entertainment from this year. Do you agree?

Polaroid cameras in an Instagram world.

(Photo by Steve Hall)