Our Wedding: Jonathan + Me


Immediately after the ceremony and a bit of time with family for photos, Jonathan and I went off with our photographer Joe to take some pictures just the two of us…

Our Wedding: Getting Ready


Now that you’ve read about our venue and wedding design, time to go deep into our wedding pictures — starting with a bit about how everyone looked and what they were wearing…

Our Wedding: Design + Decor


Before we get into more wedding day pictures, I wanted to take a moment to explain the design and decor we chose: the overall theme, color scheme, paper products, favors for guests, flowers, etc… basically all of those little details that make a wedding unique and personal…

Our Wedding: The Venue


Our venue, The Twenty Mile House, is located in Cromberg, CA (just outside Graeagle — another town you’ve probably never heard of, about 1 1/2 hours north of Lake Tahoe) nestled in the California Sierras.

When Jonathan and I got engaged in March 2013, the entirety of the proceeding two months were dedicated to researching venue locations that fit our (OK: my) very strict standards. Luckily he was on board with everything and since he was too busy with school to dedicate the kind of time I was willing to, he let me drive that car, so to speak.

After tons of consideration and a few serious contenders (including a popular venue in the Bay Area and a spot in Santa Barbara that nearly got a deposit from us), I discovered Twenty Mile House while browsing Here Comes the Bride — and it was perfect…

We Got Our Wedding Photos!


While visiting Joe (my esteemed wedding photographer) and my best friend Jessie at their home on Whidbey Island a few weeks ago, Joe graciously handed over all of our wedding photos!

There were an incomprehensible number of photographs to weed through, Joe told me. (He and his second shooter, Justin, took over ELEVEN THOUSAND PICTURES during the course of the whole day!) It understandably took him nearly two months to weed through them. Then, even after he gave me his pared down selection, I did even further paring down just to make them manageable enough to post for friends and family on Facebook. It was a process.

(Plus, there are still hundreds and hundreds of raw photobooth pictures to go through but I might have to wait a bit on those!)

To that end, I’ve compiled six posts to share with you this week. I’ll be covering the venue, design and decor, everyone getting ready, the ceremony, our first pictures as husband and wife, and everything that went down at our reception!

Tune in tomorrow and every day this week if you want to see it all!

(Photo by Joe Gunn)

Greenbank Getaway

Greenbank Whidbey Island WA Beach Fort

Officially enjoying my gap-week between my old job and new, hunkering down with Jessie at her home in Greenbank on Whidbey Island for the next five days.

Wine, dogs, boat rides, pie, and afternoon naps are basically all that’s on my mind for now.

Have a good week, everyone! x

(Photo taken by me of a favorite secret spot)

Favorite Summer Meal + an Update

coffee and blt fixings - summer food

Full disclosure: I’ve had a BLT or tomato-and-mayo sandwich every day this week at least once (if not twice) and it may be 2nd best decision I’ve made recently. (The first was, obviously, marrying this guy — sorry, I mean this guy.)

Summer means tomatoes on and in everything. Also copious amounts of good coffee, which is true during all seasons, tbh.

Lunch has been a bit more ceremonial than normal the last few days. I have less than two weeks until my last day of working from home. I’ve given my notice at work and have accepted a new job. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I will no longer be able to make fresh bacon for sandwiches on my lunch break, so naturally I am taking advantage of it while I can.

After my last day of work, and before I begin my new job (in an office! with other people! where I have to wear a bra!), I am spending five days with my girl Jessie on Whidbey Island — easily my favorite place to go when I need a recharge. Maybe I’ll even catch up on some things, like finishing that book I’ve been lugging around for months, or posting about that little ol’ wedding of ours that’s come and gone…

But until then, I still have seven more at-home lunches to enjoy and I’m thinking it might be good to branch out from my BLT / tomato / mayo dedication… so tell me:

What is your favorite summer lunch? Snack? Dessert? How about drink? I’ve been enjoying my cocktail staple a lot these days, but feeling the itch to try something new. Share your foodie secrets with me!

Happy Hump Day, friends!

Thank You, Friends

Wedding and Engagement Ring

It’s the evening after our wedding, and I’m pleased to say things went swimmingly. I am all a-flutter with my love for this man who chose me to be his wife, and our friends and family who traveled deep into the Sierras to watch us say “I do.”

THANK YOU to everyone who made the day magical. You can catch a glimpse of the event on Instagram to tide you over until I get pictures back from our photographer. Then you can be sure I’ll post them for everyone to see!

Tomorrow morning (very early) we will be leaving for Salt Lake City where we’ll be road tripping to Jackson Hole for our honeymoon. If you’re interested in following along on our adventures, you can do that right here. :)

Love you, dear friends. Have a great week!

Remembering Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Late last night, I was sitting on the couch with Jonathan and noticed A Little Princess sitting on my bookshelf, buried amongst the other books I saved from my young years. I suddenly got really excited and burst out to Jonathan with a gasp: “Oh my gosh! In the doctor’s office waiting room last week, they were playing Shirley Temple’s A Little Princess and I was so upset I couldn’t stay and watch it — it’s been years since I’ve seen it! It was always my favorite movie versions of the story and one of her best films.”

I jumped up to grab the book and also pulled Heidi off the shelf, another great adaptation of Shirley’s. I became so nostalgic and began explaining how much I adored her films as a kid, and how much watching them shaped my sister’s and my childhood.

At this point, Jonathan (the graduate student in Film Studies) revealed that he had never seen a single Shirley Temple movie. I was aghast! I vowed to him that I would now be dropping everything to dedicate myself to educating him on one of the most iconic (and adorable) film stars in Hollywood’s history.

Then, this morning, he woke me up with the news that she had passed away…