We Got Our Wedding Photos!


While visiting Joe (my esteemed wedding photographer) and my best friend Jessie at their home on Whidbey Island a few weeks ago, Joe graciously handed over all of our wedding photos!

There were an incomprehensible number of photographs to weed through, Joe told me. (He and his second shooter, Justin, took over ELEVEN THOUSAND PICTURES during the course of the whole day!) It understandably took him nearly two months to weed through them. Then, even after he gave me his pared down selection, I did even further paring down just to make them manageable enough to post for friends and family on Facebook. It was a process.

(Plus, there are still hundreds and hundreds of raw photobooth pictures to go through but I might have to wait a bit on those!)

To that end, I’ve compiled six posts to share with you this week. I’ll be covering the venue, design and decor, everyone getting ready, the ceremony, our first pictures as husband and wife, and everything that went down at our reception!

Tune in tomorrow and every day this week if you want to see it all!

(Photo by Joe Gunn)

Thank You, Friends

Wedding and Engagement Ring

It’s the evening after our wedding, and I’m pleased to say things went swimmingly. I am all a-flutter with my love for this man who chose me to be his wife, and our friends and family who traveled deep into the Sierras to watch us say “I do.”

THANK YOU to everyone who made the day magical. You can catch a glimpse of the event on Instagram to tide you over until I get pictures back from our photographer. Then you can be sure I’ll post them for everyone to see!

Tomorrow morning (very early) we will be leaving for Salt Lake City where we’ll be road tripping to Jackson Hole for our honeymoon. If you’re interested in following along on our adventures, you can do that right here. :)

Love you, dear friends. Have a great week!

4 Years Today


Today, you and I have been together for four life-changing years, and exactly 5 months from now, we will be married.

Yay us!

Darling, I am constantly amazed at what we’ve been through over the last several years, since the first moment I opened that loooooooooong Facebook message you (my dear friend) had bravely composed, divulging the depth of your feelings for me. The decision to leave our strong friendship behind and move forward into romance was something out of a song. I’m thankful every day that when you asked, I said yes. (Twice!)

I marvel at the amazing things we’ve celebrated, the difficult times we’ve pulled ourselves out of, and the day-to-day normalcy that is the foundation of our simple, happy, bickering, smoochy, animal-hair-filled, human life together.

We aren’t perfect, and darling, I wouldn’t want to be, because those people are so boring. You know me at my best, but still love me at my worst, and the latter is what’s important. It has kept us grounded. It is what keeps us checking our comfort at the door, and continuing to build a stronger love, a more beautiful place in this world that we can share, and into which we will grow.

I shudder to think of my world without your kisses, your stupid jokes, your beard, your wicked smart brain, your warmth. I love you, every day, and cannot wait to be your wife.


Jonathan Proposed!

Scavenger Hunt Marriage Proposal 13

One month ago, Jonathan asked me to be his wife with a super creative, intensely personal, and completely surprising scavenger hunt.

If you’re interested in getting a play-by-play of the whole thing, come right this way…


Peekay Australian Shepherd 02

I want to avoid this sounding or looking like a eulogy of some kind, so I’ll start by saying this: Peekay, our Australian Shepherd, is not dead or gone or anything close to that sort of thing. He is alive and wonderfully cute, healthy, and sheddy.

That being said, with Jonathan, Ennis, Fry, and myself moving down to Orange last week, we were noticeably short one member of our family in the form of Peekay da Dog…

Pollock Pines: 4 Girls, 2 Ukuleles, 1 Lake

Pollack Pines Girls Weekend Trees

Last weekend I had a wonderful (and necessary) girls getaway in Pollock Pines, CA — about halfway between my home in Livermore and South Lake Tahoe, surrounded by woods and lakes — with a couple friends.

I didn’t take any pictures of the delicious food Cassie prepared, or the whiskey sours I made, or the heavenly hot tub, or our nail-painting session during a laugh-filled screening of Julie & Julia but I did manage to bust out my camera during a silly and boozy trek to nearby Jenkinson Lake…