So Close and Yet So Far

I’m not sure this phrase could be more appropriately placed than when in reference to a woman awaiting the birth of her child.

As Baby Hyatt has grown bigger (and me with her), and her movements are more and more fluidly human, I’m astounded at how literally close we are. For all intents and purposes, we couldn’t be any closer…

My Baby Shower


A few weeks ago, my sister, Kim, and dear friend Heather hosted and designed the sweetest baby shower for me and Baby Hyatt at my Aunt Lynn’s ranch in Livermore. Despite intensely swollen everything (it’s so bad, I can wear nothing but these sandals on my feet!), it felt wonderful to be showered with so much love and kindness.

Kim and Heather were a great team. I was blown away by how beautiful everything was. Between Kim’s planning/ideas and Heather’s artistic touch, I can’t imagine a lovelier celebration for Baby Hyatt.

Heather was also the photographer for the day (and she is true hero for photo-shopping out my blotchy skin and swollen triple chin, ha!)… Would you like to take a look?

Product Poll: Baby Swaddles

TSP - aden and anais cotton muslin swaddleAs Jonathan and I get closer to welcoming Wee Baby Hyatt into the mix, I’m gathering insights from my parent and frequent babysitter friends regarding products that worked particularly well for them with their newborns/infants.

The consensus from various resources and friends is that we will likely have to go through a few types of similar products to find what works best, since every baby is different. And what works for your first baby may not work for your second, or for my baby. This is all fine, of course, logically, but since we are in a small apartment on a tight budget, we are hoping to keep things as minimal as possible when it comes to baby gear. Essentially: avoid obtaining 10 products when one or two will do.

Right now, the product I am thinking about the most is SWADDLES.

My current plan is to register for a few cotton muslin swaddling blankets (since they are multi-use and take up very little space), but I am also considering a Miracle Blanket swaddle which is well-reviewed. But maybe there’s something better? Maybe I should ignore my desire for minimalism, suck it up, and get a few things? Maybe swaddling is over-rated and I am silly and overthinking this?

What are your thoughts?

I’d like to avoid getting one of *every* type of swaddle or sleep sack or what-have-you. Generally I am fairly decisive but the number of choices truly overwhelms me. I want to keep it simple and being that I thrive on recommendations, your input may be just what I need to feel even a wee bit more confident.

Thanks, friends!


Since this post was all about asking for advice, I am adding on the thoughts and suggestions I received from friends who commented on my Facebook about this post. Perhaps others may find it valuable, because it got me thinking about some swaddling products I hadn’t considered and ones I clearly didn’t give enough thought to. (Newly-mentioned products linked below!)

Thoughts on Baby Naming

SLH - baby names - Lillies and León Mary Grace Photograph

This week marks the start of my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. 28 weeks. I can’t believe it’s come this fast. Despite being more than ready to meet this little girl and embrace the challenges of new motherhood, I am still woefully unprepared to bring her home and step away from my job for 3+ months. Still so much to buy and prep and do!

Preparing for baby in all the big and little ways that one prepares for such things has been both fun and stressful. Jonathan is hyper-involved in everything, but most of the research on baby gear and essentials has fallen to me—mostly because I’ve embraced it like it’s a full time job. But one area where we’ve both been particularly attentive is to the issue of baby names.