I’m Still Here, In Case You Were Wondering

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In utterly unshocking news: moving is really hard.

I’ve been absent from from the blog the last month mostly by choice as the stress and strain of boxes, clutter, a new job, and unfamiliar routine absorbs most of my time and energy…

Some Distractions: Natalie Portman Rap, Postpartum Anxiety, Obama Portraits, Etc.

I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH Jenny Komenda Jenny's Print Shop

Oy vey, friends. It’s Monday already. Work has been stressful and busy this last week, as several things I’ve been working on for over a year have finally come to a head. I have that groggy feeling that comes from several days of sleeping too hard and yet feeling like you haven’t slept at all. Anyone else relate to this right now?

A handful of distractions from the interwebs, and please — share some links to all things good and pretty and interesting in the comments, because I will need them this week. x

“Dare to dream it, dare to believe it, and dare to do it” — feeling inspired by this interview with make-up goddess and entrepreneur Charlotte Tilbury.

Did you see Natalie Portman’s 2nd rap on SNL last weekend? I can’t believe it’s been 12 years since me and my college friends cracked ourselves up imitating her original rap!

This no-holds-barred interview with music icon Quincy Jones is fascinating to say the least. (Anyone else suddenly really interested in reading Richard Pryor’s diaries?)

Happy 10 years in fashion to Christian Siriano — and his beautiful, size-inclusive collection!

13 Black-Owned Small Businesses to Shop Right This Second.

“I am learning that to be a mother is to know that you can’t know everything will be okay and still operate as if you could. The alternative is to have your entire body — heart, mind, and soul — be held hostage by fear.” and other realizations about postpartum anxiety and new motherhood.

The Obamas on display at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery. (How much do you love Barack’s portrait? There’s something so beautiful, feminine, and peaceful about it.)

This lovely kids picture book just won the Caldecott Medal! (*quickly adds to Fay’s Library Wishlist*)

I haven’t seen any of the Fifty Shades films yet (nor have I read the book), but thanks to reviews like this one that make me literally LOL, I don’t feel like I need to.

Science meets… curling! (You know how I love curling.)

and finally:

What song would you figure skate to at the Olympics? (I actually gave this a lot of thought over the weekend: This song for pair skating and this song for singles would make beautiful choices, I think.) Plus, Virtue and Moir from Canada pulled off the daring Moulin Rouge! medley with grace and poise.

(Image by Jenny Komenda — buy the print and others from Jenny’s Print Shop)

What Would You Do If You Won the Lottery?

It Could Happen to You Bridget Fonda Nicholas Cage Rosie Perez

Did you hear that the one winner of the $450 million Mega Millions jackpot last month was a 20-year-old man from Florida? Can you imagine?!

Jonathan and I have never been much into playing the lottery, but when the jackpot starts to get really big (and makes it all over the news), sometimes we buy a ticket or two — because who knows! It’s funny; despite the odds of winning being 175 million to one, I can’t help but fantasize about what having a windfall like that would be like…

Some Distractions: Black Panther Premiere, Plaid Flannel, Reducing Stress, Etc.

Sarah Marino Death Valley Badlands Flickr 2018-01-18

It’s hump day and we are once again dealing with a sick baby. (Will these colds and teething fevers never end??) I hope your week is decidedly less yucky than mine has been on the runny nose, sore throat front.

Work has also been crazy busy, but as usual I’ve managed to find enough mid-week distractions to keep me sane…

Beauty routine of an Olympic athlete. Suddenly feeling like I need a charcoal mask in my life.

Words to live by.

Shake Shack is coming to the Bay Area! Finally I get to see if it really is better than In ‘n’ Out.

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP. As if I needed another reason to girl-crush on Evangeline Lily.

What type of “screen time” parent are you? Apparently I’m “screen time savvy” — score!

This cottage in Carmel has me doing some serious heart eyes.

If I had a uniform, it would probably be this. Is it even possible to own too much plaid and flannel? Shameless West Coaster for life, right here.

The purple carpet star arrival photos from the Black Panther premiere are absolutely stunning!

Booze + Shakespeare = my kinda combo.

What does it mean for representation at the Academy Awards when the man who defined the modern concept of “Oscar bait” is ousted from Hollywood?

Have you seen the teaser poster for The Purge prequel coming out called The First Purge? It — and the entire marketing campaign — is… kinda genius. Thoughts?

How to reduce stress. (Timely, helpful, and directly in line with my current life-needs.)

(Photo by Sarah Marino)

Some Distractions: Cat Jenga, Rosie the Riveter, Paddington 2, Etc.

Through every open window Becky Jaffe Flickr 2017-12-26

It’s hump day! Are you surviving? I am, but just barely. It has been a busy, eventful week and we’re only halfway through!

Right this way for some mid-week distractions…

Speaking of the Oscars, I could not stop laughing at this “groundless” opinion piece about the Best Picture nominees by one of my favorite tweeters Alexandra Petri.

Cat Jenga! Fay would love this (for two seconds and then knock it over and scream with laughter).

A pregnancy test in… an IKEA ad?

Just as I was sitting down to my first cup of coffee at work last week, I received a link with a simple text from Jonathan: “Omg — must buy.” It arrived on Monday.

Paper breakfasts! (via SwissMiss)

Craving: cookies ‘n’ cream cupcakes. (Bonus: ice skating US championship highlights!)

The real real life Rosie the Riveter, Naomi Parker Fraley, has died at the age of 96. She once said: “The women of this country these days need some icons. If they think I’m one, I’m happy about that.”

Fake news on social media: Twitter vs. Facebook.

Singer-songwriter Halsey’s gut-wrenching poem, “A Story Like Mine” performed at the NYC Women’s March. (Trigger warning: explicit references to sexual assault.)

How cool is this photography project?

Have you seen Paddington 2 yet? I adored the first one and now the sequel is officially the best reviewed film of all time, beating out Toy Story 2 for the most consecutive “fresh” reviews.

18 books by women and writers of color to read “that bring fire, fury, and sometimes, both.”

I cannot take my eyes off of Danielle Brooks in her SAG Awards dress. Pure magic.

(Photo by Becky Jaffe)

Some Distractions: Puffins, TJ’s, Aziz Ansari, Etc.

Chubby cheeks Marina Weishaupt Flickr 2017-08-08

Happy hump day, friends! How’s your week going? I feel like my family is battling through its thousandth consecutive week of  sickness. Fay’s adventures in daycare, which started back in October, could be subtitled “Tales of a Perpetually Runny Nose.” We’ve been so caught up in taking care of ourselves, Jonathan and I nearly forgot our 8-year anniversary on Sunday! (Luckily we had already celebrated.)

For those interested, here are some distractions to take your mind off that cold you’re probably fighting against…

Have you seen this adorable Netflix show about a puffin named Oona? We’ve started showing Fay more TV and she loves it!

New year, same deal. (Totally guilty of this!)

After months of feeling wishy-washy, I finally used ThredUP, spending about $50 on a pair of Eileen Fisher tops normally worth over $600! I’m officially hooked.

Building a log cabin from scratch. Amazing!!

Top Trader Joe’s products of 2017. What are your favorites? (Mine is this!)

Officially going to start doing yoga again. This writer’s sweet and funny account of her 30-day yoga challenge reminds me why I loved and need it.

Eyelash icicles in the “coldest village in the world.”

My trusty pair of black jeans officially kicked the bucket last week (RIP: cheap Old Navy jeans). Thinking of taking my jean game up a notch and investing in this high-waisted pair designed for curvy girls.

Today’s New Yorker cartoon made me snort-laugh!

and finally…

A two-sided compendium of articles and opinions, thoughtfully compiled by my favorite blogger who echoes my complicated feelings on Aziz Ansari and the “gray area” surrounding sex, assault, and consent. The Cut also has a great reading list to go through if you are, like me, still working through conflicting thoughts on the matter. (I’d like to add this one and this one to the mix as well.)

(Photo by Marina Weishaupt — and check out her stunning Instagram)

Some Distractions: Calendars, Best Sex Scenes, Etc.

Halo Christmas thank you Steve Hall Sheltie World Flickr 2017-12-12

Happy hump day and Merry (belated) Christmas to anyone who celebrated on Monday! Are you off of work this week? I’m back today but am already looking forward to a long weekend for New Year’s.

If you’re as unmotivated as I am this week due to the holidays, you probably don’t need any more distractions, but just in case…

Binge-watching The Great British Baking Show has me craving this cake for almond lovers. Would you try making it?

Patton Oswalt on falling in love again, or read the full transcript. Had me clutching my heart!

A few beautiful calendars for 2018. (I just bought this one and it’s so much fun.)

Dreaming of a vacation and an excuse to wear this every day, though I suppose it would make a pretty perfect office uniform too.

One for me and one for him.

Book pins! (Debating between The Elements of Style and The Handmaid’s Tale)

The struggle to reconcile products of pop culture with the bad people who create them has become a major theme of 2017…

Loving this artwork. (And a quick shout out to my friend Amanda for introducing me to the amazing artist.)

The best sex scenes in entertainment from this year. Do you agree?

Polaroid cameras in an Instagram world.

(Photo by Steve Hall)

Some Distractions: Ilvermorney, Juno & Jupiter, Etc.

SLH - dependable relationship by eugenia loli via flickr - celestial print

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a long week, and things are getting real around these parts. Weirdly, at almost 32 weeks, my energy is actually increasing and I can feel the nesting urges coursing through me. I’m expecting another weekend full of cleaning, organization, and purging of junk. How about you?

If you’re feeling equally in need of distractions today, check out what I’ve been loving…

Very impressed with how this couple managed to get their awesome studio apartment photo-ready within just two weeks of moving in.

Emoji pool floats!

Hot design trend: Bubblegum pink. Would you dare?

Lately I’ve been buying and consuming fruit like my life depended on it, so I decided to switch it up a bit on 4th of July weekend by making my very first pie — with yummy results.

Speaking of recipes, I know I have to technically limit/cut out the bacon, but it’s summer so gimme!

J.K. Rowling has released the story of Ilvermorny, the North American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, on Pottermore. If you already have an account, you can be sorted into your Ilvermorny House here! (I’m a Thunderbird!)

An enlightening interview all about finance for freelance creatives.

This onesie would make Baby Hyatt at least 20% cooler than every other baby.

Enraptured with the happenings around Jupiter these days.

Jonathan and I are a bit obsessed with this Eichler-style home listing in nearby Concord, CA. (No surprise it’s already pending sale; that price seems too good to be true.)

Thanks to an extensive diaper bag search (I — er, I mean we — settled on this one for everyday parental use), I am wanting to throw away every bag I own and replace it with a fresh and new collection of “toting”-related items, from market baskets, to weekenders, to travel backpacks. It’s a sickness.

Have a spectacular weekend!

(Photo: “Dependable Relationship” by Eugenia Loli)

Some Distractions: Game of Thrones, Summer Sandals, Etc.

San Francisco - city hall - pride lights

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was a little bit somber, as me and a group of my friends gathered around a dear girlfriend of ours who tragically and unexpectedly lost her mother. Devastating, but it was nice to be able to huddle around her and shower her with love and snacks and distractions for a day.

Gay Pride Weekend was in full swing in San Francisco, and though I would have loved to go and take part in all the fun festivities, I was happy to be able to spend some time with my friends, and also just get some rest. This baby belly is getting big and heavy.

If you’re interested, a handful of distractions for the start of your week…

First and foremost: How AMAZING was that Game of Thrones season finale? It almost makes up for all the sadness and death us fans have experienced these past six seasons. (Warning: all the spoilers!)

Inside the complicated and heartbreaking decision to have an abortion at 32 weeks.

I can’t stop quoting this.

The political nerd in me is on pins and needles waiting to find out who Clinton’s final VP pick will be.

Thanks to Kim for reminding me how much I need a pick me up sometimes, this song from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been on repeat while I hunker down to focus at work. It may be for little kids, but it’s impossible not to smile, no matter your age.

Is your body shaped like a fruit? (I literally LOL’d at my desk.)


Fell into the deep and beautiful hole that is this editorial blog by freelance photographer Brian Ferry. (I would like to live here please.)

delicious way to up my veggie intake.

Been needing some new sandals that stay secure on my feet. Finally found and ordered these leather ones and excited to get them this week!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

(Image source: San Francisco City Hall during Pride Week 2013, photograph by Joe Parks)