When Three Becomes Four

Jonathan, Fay and I went to cut down our Christmas tree this last weekend and in looking at the sweet family picture our friend took of us, I noticed my would-barely-zip-up-in-the-first-place raincoat and my extra pudgy face were blatantly betraying me and my current affliction…

Yep, it’s true folks! Jonathan and I are expected Wee Baby Hyatt #2 in late-April 2019!

Honestly, it’s difficult to formulate my thoughts about any of this right now; I actually debated announcing the news at all. (Hence why I’m already 19 weeks along and just now sharing. Very unlike me!) If you caught my last post, you know that we recently closed on our first house. Buying a house is stressful enough, but even more so when you get a positive pregnancy test just five days after your offer on said house is accepted.

My first trimester this time around was indescribably difficult. The nausea and fatigue I experienced last time was doubled, coupled then with a huge move, busy work days, a rotating door of weekend visitors, back-to-back colds, and, well… a toddler running around!

Though I have been fairly mum about it online, I haven’t made any attempt to be secretive; our close friends and family who we see or speak with regularly all got the news shortly after we did.

All that to say, Jonathan and I made it through the home purchase, constant sickness, Fay turning (and very much being) two, moving (shout out: Jonathan did it basically 99% on his own!), traveling to New York, and all the yuckiness of first trimester discomfort. Just barely, but we did make it. We are now relishing the relative peace and calm of autumn in Washington and the excitement of the upcoming winter holiday.

Our last winter holiday as a family of three.


Psst… Any tips from you fellow parents out there on what it’s like going from one child to two? Anything you wish you’d known, or done? I’d love to hear. :)

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