I’m An Aunt!

Oona Grande _ Kim and John 05

Last week, my sister gave birth to her baby girl — which makes me an aunt! :) With Kim and John’s permission, I’d love to introduce her to you and share a few lovely photos which were taken in the hospital…

Oona Grande _ Kim and John 02

This is Oona Beth Grande and we all love her so very much already.

Oona Grande _ Kim and John 03

If you follow me on Instagram or have spent even five minutes with me, you probably know that we watch a lot of Puffin Rock at our house. Oona is the name of the show’s sweet puffin protagonist — so Fay is already very familiar with the name and has her own way of saying it: “Nono.”

The name Oona, though, wasn’t inspired by our family’s favorite show. On the contrary, it has been a long-time favorite of Kim’s and mine; it’s actually what made me start watching Puffin Rock in the first place!

I am thrilled Kim and John have officially introduced this beautiful name into our family.

Oona Grande _ Kim and John 07

Oona Grande _ Kim and John 08

I wasn’t able to be at Oona’s birth, but thanks to my amazing mother — who drove down to LA from the Bay Area at 4 a.m.! — I was able to FaceTime in and see my brilliant, warrior sister push her baby into the world.

Oona Grande _ Kim and John 09

Biggest, most thunderous congratulations to Kim and John on their new baby girl. Our whole little family could not be happier to welcome Oona into the fold.


(Photos courtesy of Kim and John Grande.)

2 thoughts on “I’m An Aunt!

  1. I love her so much! I wish you could have been there to hold my hand (or leg), but so happy you were able to experience it with me! Can’t wait for you to meet her in person! She’s absolutely precious. <3


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