New Accessory Obsession: Enamel Pins

Fjallraven Kanken Allyson Jean Instagram Enamel Pins

When Fay was a newborn, Jonathan and I started calling her, affectionately, “Chicken” — a term of endearment, I realize now, we only say directly to her and never in reference to her (which is possibly why no one ever hears us say it). In any case, at one point I found this sweet enamel pin and added it to my wishlist with the hope of one day getting it for her.

Then, a few months ago, I stumbled down an Instagram rabbit hole…

I can’t remember whose Instagram account it was, but it was a picture showcasing a collection of a dozen or so enamel pins — with the makers tagged in the photo. Certain ones caught my eye, and then off I went to another artist’s Instagram, where I’d check out their shop and pin offerings, then immediately start following them. Usually, they’d also have a collection of enamel pins in their photo feed, which would inevitably lead me to more pin makers. The cycle continued until I’d scoured dozens of shops and accounts and began following the vast majority of them.

It felt kinda like tumbling through Wikipedia, but instead of losing sleep over the horrible acts of serial killers, or the crazy history of the British royal family, I was filling my phone with screenshots of individual pins from all over Etsy and Instagram.

Who had I become?

OK, I jest. In truth, I don’t find it at all difficult to explain my sudden preoccupation for little enamel pins. As an accessory, they’re actually a fairly inexpensive way of expressing your personal style and interests. For as little as $8-$12, you can get something subtle and high-quality to showcase your love of basil, mid-century architecture, Wet Hot American Summer, emo cats, or — you know — California!

Turns out, there are pins for ev. er. y. thing.

Right now I’m feeling drawn to pins about nature, animals, the celestial, feminism, lady love, and even depression. I also love the idea of collecting certain pins which remind me of things Fay loves, or for events in our lives.

If you’re interested, here’s a look at my pin collection so far. (Psst, hover over an image for the name and artist — source links located below.)

image sources / shop links: Drowning Series #3; Crying Crystal; Self Love; ShyShy; Mano Figa; Feminist Cat; Cat Love; Pill Cat; California State; California Poppy; Sun and Moon; Quail; Polar Bear; Cactus Bear; Aurora Keyhole; Aurora Borealis

There are many more I have on my wish list that I’m excited to buy when the time is right, and some others I’ve identified as perfect for friends or family. Not sure whether they’d be as into them as I am, but hey — what’s the harm? Of all the inexpensive gifts you could give adults in your life, enamel pins are a pretty safe bet. :)

And who knows? Perhaps my kids will have an affinity for certain pins in my collection and they can inherit them one day!

So what do you think? Is this the kind of accessory you can get behind? Any favorites shown here, or perhaps available elsewhere? Do you have any enamel pin artists or makers you love?

I’d love to know!

(Top photo by Allyson Jeann.)

One thought on “New Accessory Obsession: Enamel Pins

  1. Love the idea of a pin motif… or a grouping that can be showcased together. Not sure what I’d be drawn to, theme-wise…. Hmm. Being a movie lover, hard to imagine I wouldn’t go after those!

    Love the California ones, obviously – you can take the girl out of CA, but you can’t take the CA out of the girl. ;)


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