Watercolor Worlds By Jessica Love

Jessica Love Julian is a Mermaid Children's Book Illustration

Have you seen the newly released children’s book Julián is a Mermaid by actor, writer, and illustrator Jessica Love? It’s been getting praise all over the place and our copy arrived in the mail over the weekend. Fay is still a bit too young to grasp the deep empathy contained in this beautiful book, but she was fully engrossed by the vibrant colors on each page. A simple story with a profound message about identity and acceptance.

I can’t recommend the book enough. By the same token, earlier this week, I spent a little of my Internet-browsing time diving into Love’s illustration work, and I’m completely enamored. Would you like to see some of my favorites?

Jessica Love Illustration Yazoo Nature Birds

Can’t you just imagine how stunning this dynamic tropical scene would be multiplied and printed as wallpaper?

Jessica Love The Original Spa Day Illustration via Instragram JessLoveDraws

And I’m sad I missed the opportunity to buy this bathing beauties scene! I have a little spot next to my bathtub that would be perfect for it.

Jessica Love Illustration Pandemonium of Parrots Instagram JessLoveDraws

Love’s use of brown stonehenge paper lends additional richness to the watercolor, pencil and gouache, even with seemingly simple drawings — I love it so much.

Jessica Love Illustration Wildflower Grass Instagram JessLoveDraws

Jessica Love Illustration The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Rides the Train Instagram JessLoveDraws

Jessica Love Illustration Phillipe_s Instagram JessLoveDraws

Jessica Love Illustration Desert Pocket Mouse Instagram JessLoveDraws

Love does commissions (this mural is especially wonderful), but also sells work she posts on Instagram. The works above titled “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Rides the Train” and “Phillipe’s” look to be still available!

I was excited to see this Scotch Broom drawing didn’t have a “SOLD” notation yet — so I messaged her and a transaction is in the works as I type this.

Jessica Love Illustration Scotch Broom Instagram JessLoveDraws

It’s delicate, warm, and yellow, which means it’s perfect for Fay’s honeybee- and wildflower-centric bedroom.

So what do you think? Are you interested in checking out Julián is a Mermaid? Any favorite pieces or ones that stand out? I would love to know!

(All photos property of Jessica Love. Top photo via The New York Times.)

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