I’m Still Here, In Case You Were Wondering

Spring Flowers Langley Washington Whidbey Island

In utterly unshocking news: moving is really hard.

I’ve been absent from from the blog the last month mostly by choice as the stress and strain of boxes, clutter, a new job, and unfamiliar routine absorbs most of my time and energy…

That ode to Kimmy, I’m not shy to confess, was written months ago and scheduled to post regardless of my energy output, which is just fine, I say. Despite feeling a little sad — as I often do, for any number of a million reasons, but this time because I do miss writing, even casually, fruitlessly — the short break was necessary. I did move two states away, after all. Haven’t you heard? I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice.

But hey: it’s spring in the Northwest and for the last five days, the skies have been clear and the sun has hinted at the warmth to come, even if the today’s impending cloud cover forecasts rain. Everything is in bloom, made extra apparent by the blanket of yellow pollen on my car, over the windows, through the hills, and above the trees, etc. Flying bugs are out in droves and although I hate them, I’m feeling blessed to be in this beautiful place where they seem to flourish.

Where I, too, hope to flourish — once I am no longer at risk of stubbing my toe on a box.

Writing here has become especially important to me as a pseudo form of meditation, so once the dust has settled and we are blessed with more hours in the day, I expect to be back here with some semblance of regularity. For now, though, monitoring my mental health and providing myself with what I need to feel even close to “normal” is priority numero uno; part of why we moved here in the first place, in fact.

It’s vital for me to actively welcome the ups and downs of this journey and try to see them as simply sights to acknowledge rather than obstacles to overcome. It’s all part of the process that comes with change, I reckon. It can be hard — nay, impossible, most times — to see the forest for the trees, as they say, when the challenges outweigh the joys, but I’m remaining positive.

I must.

I must because I truly am tasting a hint of peace and happiness in my new chosen home. Everything else, I know, will pass with the pollen.


Do you have plans this weekend? Is it warm and sunny where you are?

Our local farmers market kicks off its season tomorrow, and my island friends are meeting up, rain or shine, to welcome it. I’m also getting my first pedicure since September (!!) on Sunday, and I can’t wait.

If I can manage a nap at some point, I would probably leave the weekend considering it a win.

(Photo of a lovely, blossoming tree taken at a happy moment; Monday, April 23, 2018 in Langley, WA)

One thought on “I’m Still Here, In Case You Were Wondering

  1. Being in Cleveland for the weekend, we have a forecast of RAIN ahead (though we left LA with perfect 76* weather)… but still, the plan is to explore, see family, and enjoy this not-so-crowded city!
    Change is hard, but it can be so powerful. I’m so proud of you for going on this adventure!


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