How Are You?

Ken Walton Untitled Hong Kong Flickr 2017-03.28

Since my blog has basically become my Facebook page and since it’s Friday, I’m curious…

How are you doing? Wanna talk about it?

I’ll start. At this point, I am basically in a constant state of surviving, not thriving. Preparing for a move is always stressful; there never seems to be enough time in the day, between working a full time job, taking care of an active toddler, and trying to pack or purge seemingly endless quantities of stuff — not to mention remembering to hire movers, schedule last minute doctor, vet, and dentist appointments, coordinating our new soon-to-be-remote positions at work, seeing friends and family before we go, sleeping hopefully more than six hours a night…

Friends, I’m tired. Can we all just hangout this weekend — somewhere cozy, with blankets and a warm fireplace maybe?

Tonight I will do what I can to decompress a bit. Jonathan’s BFF is in town, and we’ll be taking him out with another friend for dinner and drinks. Hopefully I can manage to get at least two Manhattans and something fried in me before I tap out.

OK, enough about me. Tell me how you’re doing! What are the state of things in your beautiful life at the moment?

(Photo by Ken Walton)

One thought on “How Are You?

  1. So sorry I missed this post and seeing y’all before you moved. The sentiments of this post ring so clearly for me right now. Surviving, not thriving, but I’m getting there ;-).
    Your new home looks so lovely. I can’t wait to visit… but for now, I’m hoping to close on a house this month, get a new job, and take a quick vacation.
    Good luck! See you this summer!


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