How Are You?

Ken Walton Untitled Hong Kong Flickr 2017-03.28

Since my blog has basically become my Facebook page and since it’s Friday, I’m curious…

How are you doing? Wanna talk about it?

I’ll start. At this point, I am basically in a constant state of surviving, not thriving. Preparing for a move is always stressful; there never seems to be enough time in the day, between working a full time job, taking care of an active toddler, and trying to pack or purge seemingly endless quantities of stuff — not to mention remembering to hire movers, schedule last minute doctor, vet, and dentist appointments, coordinating our new soon-to-be-remote positions at work, seeing friends and family before we go, sleeping hopefully more than six hours a night…

Friends, I’m tired. Can we all just hangout this weekend — somewhere cozy, with blankets and a warm fireplace maybe?

Tonight I will do what I can to decompress a bit. Jonathan’s BFF is in town, and we’ll be taking him out with another friend for dinner and drinks. Hopefully I can manage to get at least two Manhattans and something fried in me before I tap out.

OK, enough about me. Tell me how you’re doing! What are the state of things in your beautiful life at the moment?

(Photo by Ken Walton)

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