Super Exciting News!

Kim Age 2

I’ve been busting at the seams since mid-November to shout this from the rooftops all over the Internet, and now that my sister has made the announcement herself, I can finally scream…


Sure, sure, I’m excited for her to be a mom, and for Fay to have a cousin, and for my parents to have another grandbaby to obsess over, but I’m really, really, REALLY freaking out about finally becoming an aunt!

Have you seen this video? Minus the part where I already have a baby, I’m pretty sure this is gonna be me:

I can’t wait!

Kim and her husband are celebrating their babymoon this week (in Hong Kong!) and I’m so jealous — this baby has already traveled further around the world than I have!

Baby Grande is expected to arrive mid-July, so I still have plenty of time to wait, but I’m already planning a trip down to Los Angeles in August to soak up as many newborn baby snuggles as I can.

Congratulations, Kim and John! xoxo

(Top photo of Kimmy, around 2-years-old.)

One thought on “Super Exciting News!

  1. I love you sister, you’ll be the best aunt! It’s so much fun, because you get all the love without the responsibility! ;)

    Hopefully I’ll be as wonderful a mom to our little one as you are to Fayby! xx


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