Some Distractions: Natalie Portman Rap, Postpartum Anxiety, Obama Portraits, Etc.

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Oy vey, friends. It’s Monday already. Work has been stressful and busy this last week, as several things I’ve been working on for over a year have finally come to a head. I have that groggy feeling that comes from several days of sleeping too hard and yet feeling like you haven’t slept at all. Anyone else relate to this right now?

A handful of distractions from the interwebs, and please — share some links to all things good and pretty and interesting in the comments, because I will need them this week. x

“Dare to dream it, dare to believe it, and dare to do it” — feeling inspired by this interview with make-up goddess and entrepreneur Charlotte Tilbury.

Did you see Natalie Portman’s 2nd rap on SNL last weekend? I can’t believe it’s been 12 years since me and my college friends cracked ourselves up imitating her original rap!

This no-holds-barred interview with music icon Quincy Jones is fascinating to say the least. (Anyone else suddenly really interested in reading Richard Pryor’s diaries?)

Happy 10 years in fashion to Christian Siriano — and his beautiful, size-inclusive collection!

13 Black-Owned Small Businesses to Shop Right This Second.

“I am learning that to be a mother is to know that you can’t know everything will be okay and still operate as if you could. The alternative is to have your entire body — heart, mind, and soul — be held hostage by fear.” and other realizations about postpartum anxiety and new motherhood.

The Obamas on display at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery. (How much do you love Barack’s portrait? There’s something so beautiful, feminine, and peaceful about it.)

This lovely kids picture book just won the Caldecott Medal! (*quickly adds to Fay’s Library Wishlist*)

I haven’t seen any of the Fifty Shades films yet (nor have I read the book), but thanks to reviews like this one that make me literally LOL, I don’t feel like I need to.

Science meets… curling! (You know how I love curling.)

and finally:

What song would you figure skate to at the Olympics? (I actually gave this a lot of thought over the weekend: This song for pair skating and this song for singles would make beautiful choices, I think.) Plus, Virtue and Moir from Canada pulled off the daring Moulin Rouge! medley with grace and poise.

(Image by Jenny Komenda — buy the print and others from Jenny’s Print Shop)

One thought on “Some Distractions: Natalie Portman Rap, Postpartum Anxiety, Obama Portraits, Etc.

  1. That Fifty Shades review literally bawled me over at work laughing. I will most definitely be seeing this, still sounds like it’s improved on the book.

    Thanks for sharing, I needed a distraction on this Hump Day/V-Day.


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