The Perfect T-Shirt

TNA FREISING T-Shirt Lavender Aritzia

I have found the most flattering, perfect-for-everyday t-shirt (which I am wearing even as I type this) and I simply must tell you about it…

TNA FREISING T-Shirt Black Aritzia

Back in summer, I purchased the Freising t-shirt by TNA from ethical fashion boutique Aritzia in an eggplant purple and a burgundy — and they are now my absolute favorites ever, hands down.

About twice a year, Aritzia holds a huge sale and, as someone who always does my best to never pay full price for anything if I can avoid it, I scooped up a couple shirts from different brands (plus a coat, and a handbag) last summer for waaaaayyy less than their regular price. The TNA t-shirts are far-and-away my best pick of the lot.

And for $9.99 on sale (normally $35), it felt like a steal!

TNA FREISING T-Shirt Magnolia Pink Aritzia

So what’s so great about them? Half Pima cotton, half modal, they are soft and lightweight, so they drape beautifully. As a curvy girl with sizable boobs, broad shoulders, thick arms, and (shall we say) a noticeable belly, let me tell you this shirt still looks flattering because it doesn’t cling to my tummy or hips, nor does it look like a sac. Plus, it’s long enough in the waist for my abnormally long torso!

I can also attest to the quality and lasting power of the fabric. True story: about three weeks after I bought these t-shirts, I found something very similar at Old Navy in black (a must-have wardrobe staple I was lacking) for only $6.99 (regular price!) — so of course I scooped it up. A month or so later, while doing laundry and putting clothes away, I considered how perhaps I should be buying more shirts like this from Old Navy since they were much cheaper and not all that indistinguishable from the TNA ones anyway. Were these pricier, ethically-made shirts really that much better?

TNA FREISING T-Shirt Dark Clove Aritzia

Cut to December — after I-can’t-even-tell-you how many rounds of washing and drying — I pick up my Old Navy shirt and find it riddled in underarm holes. My TNA shirts? As perfect as the day I got them, even now.

I love these shirts so much, I might actually pay the $35 for it in the never-on-sale black — especially since I’ve found myself without that ever-important piece of my uniform!

What do you think? Are you a fan? If you are, Aritzia’s winter sale is going on now and ooo-boy, are there some sweet deals to be had! In the Freising/TNA shirt, the lavender, aqua frost, and vernon colors are discounted (in a few remaining sizes) to $9.99 — but only through February 19th!

(And this should go without saying since I have approximately 10 readers, but this post is not sponsored — I just really, REALLY love this shirt!)

Happy shopping (or virtual window browsing)!

Psst… In case you’re curious: I’m a US size 14 (at the moment) and the large fits perfectly. ;)

(All photos property of Aritzia)

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