Some Distractions: Black Panther Premiere, Plaid Flannel, Reducing Stress, Etc.

Sarah Marino Death Valley Badlands Flickr 2018-01-18

It’s hump day and we are once again dealing with a sick baby. (Will these colds and teething fevers never end??) I hope your week is decidedly less yucky than mine has been on the runny nose, sore throat front.

Work has also been crazy busy, but as usual I’ve managed to find enough mid-week distractions to keep me sane…

Beauty routine of an Olympic athlete. Suddenly feeling like I need a charcoal mask in my life.

Words to live by.

Shake Shack is coming to the Bay Area! Finally I get to see if it really is better than In ‘n’ Out.

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP. As if I needed another reason to girl-crush on Evangeline Lily.

What type of “screen time” parent are you? Apparently I’m “screen time savvy” — score!

This cottage in Carmel has me doing some serious heart eyes.

If I had a uniform, it would probably be this. Is it even possible to own too much plaid and flannel? Shameless West Coaster for life, right here.

The purple carpet star arrival photos from the Black Panther premiere are absolutely stunning!

Booze + Shakespeare = my kinda combo.

What does it mean for representation at the Academy Awards when the man who defined the modern concept of “Oscar bait” is ousted from Hollywood?

Have you seen the teaser poster for The Purge prequel coming out called The First Purge? It — and the entire marketing campaign — is… kinda genius. Thoughts?

How to reduce stress. (Timely, helpful, and directly in line with my current life-needs.)

(Photo by Sarah Marino)

2 thoughts on “Some Distractions: Black Panther Premiere, Plaid Flannel, Reducing Stress, Etc.

  1. I’m loving the LEARNING graph in that stress article. Many ways obvious, but so true — and really puts being a manager into perspective, and how we assign work.

    And Shake Shack is better than In N Out. But neither is better than the Habit Burger. GO NATIONWIDE, HABIT!


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