A Simple Lipstick Trick

Lexie Lazear Instagram Makeup Artist Limecrime Lip

While I don’t post about it too often, if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know I love a good lipstick. I’m certainly no makeup expert (some powder foundation to even out my face, mascara and maybe eyeliner, plus a simple or bold lip is as far as my skills go), but I’ve come to swear by this trick to get my lipstick looking perfect…

After every lipstick application, I blot with receipt paper!

It’s actually a trick I learned from my sister and it’s surprising how well it works. I’m a firm believer in blotting, since it can be difficult to get certain lipsticks applied smoothly and evenly with no extra build-up on the inner lip or around the edges. I’d always done it with a folded up tissue, like you see in the movies, but I’ve found some tissues have little paper particles that can stick to my lips — or it can simply remove too much lipstick so what remains immediately looks dull.

Receipt paper on the other hand, is completely smooth yet it grabs any chunky bits of lipstick like a magnet! Plus, doesn’t everyone have an old receipt or two in their purse? I always do, which makes it a much easier solution when on the go.

What do you think? Have you ever done this? Do you have any ride-or-die lipstick tips you swear by?

(Photo by Lexie Lazear)

One thought on “A Simple Lipstick Trick

  1. I live and breathe by the receipt trick! It’s literally the only way to blot lipstick in my opinion. The paper is firm yet smooth, and it doesn’t push your lipstick all around.

    And actually, I don’t just blot it with receipt paper (i.e. stick the paper between the lips and press down like a toothless bite), but rather, I KISS the paper. and not pursed lips. Flat lips. It pulls color from every square centimeter of the lips, and works like a charm. I have little blotting receipt papers stuck in every crevice of my car — such a lifesaver!


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