Fay’s First Wedding


Last October, my sister, Kim, got married (!!) to her wonderful (now-) husband, John. It’s hard to express the joy I feel to see her so truly happy.

She received her wedding photos a bit before Christmas, and although she has yet to reveal all of them to me (grrrr), she did send me the ones her photographer took of Fay with my mom and her before the ceremony.

Would you like to see?


That little face! I can’t believe, looking at these photos now, she already seems so young… Can I push the pause button please?


Kim and John got married at the SmogShoppe in Culver City — a super cool venue that felt quintessentially “LA.” The girls (including Fay) got ready in a loft area called the Crow’s Nest, just a stone’s throw from the ceremony site, which is where these photos were taken.


My mother made Fay’s dress to match the burgundy dresses the bridesmaids wore. Is it not the cutest?


Full disclosure: it ended up being a rough event for Fay who, by the time the wedding started at 5:30 p.m., had only had a one hour nap the whole day. She (and my sweet aunt, who was a trooper and babysat) missed the ceremony as a result of a monster tantrum, and Jonathan missed all the toasts at dinner while Fay slept on him in the Crow’s Next bathroom!

That said, I am so thankful she was there and cooperative enough to get pictures with Kim in her wedding dress beforehand. I know she will cherish them forever.


I’m working on convincing Kim to post the rest of her wedding pictures somewhere — maybe here? (What do you say, Kim? *wink*wink*) Until then, you can see a few more pictures of the wedding on Instagram here. :)

Psst… Kim’s wedding dress was from BHLDN, but is no longer available.

(Photos by Krista Ashley. Top photo cropped down for the blog by me.)

2 thoughts on “Fay’s First Wedding

  1. Yes please please please post the rest of the photos!!! C’mon Kim! The ones I’ve seen are so beautiful and I am dying to see the rest!


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