Some Distractions: Calendars, Best Sex Scenes, Etc.

Halo Christmas thank you Steve Hall Sheltie World Flickr 2017-12-12

Happy hump day and Merry (belated) Christmas to anyone who celebrated on Monday! Are you off of work this week? I’m back today but am already looking forward to a long weekend for New Year’s.

If you’re as unmotivated as I am this week due to the holidays, you probably don’t need any more distractions, but just in case…

Binge-watching The Great British Baking Show has me craving this cake for almond lovers. Would you try making it?

Patton Oswalt on falling in love again, or read the full transcript. Had me clutching my heart!

A few beautiful calendars for 2018. (I just bought this one and it’s so much fun.)

Dreaming of a vacation and an excuse to wear this every day, though I suppose it would make a pretty perfect office uniform too.

One for me and one for him.

Book pins! (Debating between The Elements of Style and The Handmaid’s Tale)

The struggle to reconcile products of pop culture with the bad people who create them has become a major theme of 2017…

Loving this artwork. (And a quick shout out to my friend Amanda for introducing me to the amazing artist.)

The best sex scenes in entertainment from this year. Do you agree?

Polaroid cameras in an Instagram world.

(Photo by Steve Hall)

One thought on “Some Distractions: Calendars, Best Sex Scenes, Etc.

  1. Patton’s newest stand up is a total revelation — such a wonderful mix of comedy and grief, it’s truly something to behold. Incredible to hear about his journey.

    Great links! The list of sex scenes from this year were so fun, there certainly were some interesting ones in 2017, to say the least! ;)


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