Basket Naps

Fay Moses Basket 01

Dropping in to share a few snapshots of a sleeping baby and a current sanity-saving product…

Fay Moses Basket 03

Any time Fay isn’t sleeping on my chest or in her crib at night, she’s wrapped up cozy and warm in her Moses basket. I requested it on my registry after seeing it used by Reading My Tea Leaves author, Erin Boyle, and Kim was sweet enough to get it for us. I wasn’t sure how much we’d end up using it, but it was a natural, plastic-free option I knew had multiple uses outside of a place for naps (like storing all the stuffed animals we’ve somehow ended up with).

Little did we know just how useful it would be!

Fay Moses Basket 02

Two weeks into this motherhood thing, I can safely say — next to the nursing pillow, changing table, crib, and car seat — the Moses basket is one of our most essential baby items. The handles make it easy to pick up a sleeping Fay and move from couch to bathroom to bed without disturbing her. The sides are high and sturdy, and the holes around the basket weave are large enough to see her through — especially useful when you want to take a nap but also can’t stop staring at her!

Same as Erin, we used a sheepskin in place of a basket futon mattress, and added a cotton swaddle as a “blow out barrier” between Fay and the sheepie. :)

Fay Moses Basket 04

Lastly, we added a few Eric Carle rattles with subtle, sweet chimes to entertain a squirmy baby when she’s awake and relegated to the basket. (Sometimes a mom has to refill her coffee without juggling a baby and bottle of creamer, you know what I mean?)

It’s possible we may regret not getting a baby swing in lieu of the basket, but for now we are loving the absence of the extra noise-making, space-hogging, plastic baby gear.

That said, I’m off to continue soaking in the glow of this sweet girl.

(Fay is wrapped in an Aden & Anais muslin swaddle — though this sailboat one does not appear to be available anymore)

5 thoughts on “Basket Naps

  1. I love these photos of Fayby when she was so small! I am not yet sure if I am regretful for not getting the Moses basket – I LOVE them. But now that we have all of the baby gadgets for Margot (swing, rocker, Dock-A-Tot, etc. etc.) I can’t stomach purchasing another one…


    1. I hear you! The portability and sturdiness of the Moses basket is GREAT, but now, in hindsight, if we’d had a baby swing or something that moved to soothe her, we probably wouldn’t have minded not having the basket. Though, to be fair, it’s been amazing for corralling all her toys and stuffed animals this last year!


  2. The Moses basket is such a beautiful and useful item. I love how sturdy it is without being a bulky eyesore. I hope to get one when I eventually have little ones, since I fully imagine myself carrying this basket into the bathroom while I take a shower! My biggest fear is it becoming a favorite bed for the cats, yikes! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep them out at least when there’s a baby already in there. ;)

    Glad you loved this thing as much as I hoped you would!


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