My Baby Shower


A few weeks ago, my sister, Kim, and dear friend Heather hosted and designed the sweetest baby shower for me and Baby Hyatt at my Aunt Lynn’s ranch in Livermore. Despite intensely swollen everything (it’s so bad, I can wear nothing but these sandals on my feet!), it felt wonderful to be showered with so much love and kindness.

Kim and Heather were a great team. I was blown away by how beautiful everything was. Between Kim’s planning/ideas and Heather’s artistic touch, I can’t imagine a lovelier celebration for Baby Hyatt.

Heather was also the photographer for the day (and she is true hero for photo-shopping out my blotchy skin and swollen triple chin, ha!)… Would you like to take a look?


Both of the grandmas-to-be! (It’s the first grandbaby on both sides!)


Kim was the Master of Ceremonies for the games we played, which were all baby names themed (my favorite!) — like the Celebrity Baby Name Matching Game and Suggest a Baby Name for the Mom-to-Be where I then got to pick my favorite suggestion. (I liked Charlotte Rose the best!)

I don’t typically like shower games, because they can get kind of hokey and tedious, but these were simple and really fun. :)


It’s safe to say after this shower Baby Hyatt is not want for anything. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the generosity of my friends and family.

My little growing family is truly blessed. There’s no other way to put it.


Go Hillary! #BabyHyattIsWithHerToo ;)


My mother made this stunning chevron rose quilt (plus a matching pillow case, bunting, and baby doll blanket to match)! She is a spectacular quilter and I get so excited every time I have a good excuse for her to make me one.

And Barb, my long-time family friend, made these adorable sunshine booties. How cute are these??



I really do know the most creative people. One of my best friends Shannon makes incredible diaper cakes. (She made the ‘cake’ for my bridal shower too!)


To all the wonderful ladies who took time out of their Saturday to eat and drink and laugh with me:

I can’t tell you enough how honored, humbled, and privileged I feel knowing you love Baby Hyatt so deeply already and that I have your support as I enter into this new and nerve-wracking territory.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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