Meet Taystee

Taystee Voodoo Chili

I realized after posting a picture on Instagram yesterday that I never posted here about our newest family member!

This is Taystee. She is a very fluffy, super tiny, 1-year-old kitty we adopted mere weeks before our wedding. It was a stupid, spontaneous decision and I’m so happy we made it.

My mom and I came across her at a cat adoption while running errands for the wedding. I picked her up, she mewed and rubbed herself all over my hands and arms and that was that. I called Jonathan and told him I was in love and he would just have to trust me.

He did, albeit begrudgingly!

We finalized her name after several other names (including Virginia, the name she had when we adopted her) just didn’t fit. She is sweet, smart, and fiesty, so we eventually decided this badass chick would be the perfect namesake — and we were right!

Her full name is Taystee Voodoo Chili and we love her to pieces. She is so small (and full grown!), we refer to her as a “perma-kitten.” :) See more pictures here, if you’d like.

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