We Got Our Wedding Photos!


While visiting Joe (my esteemed wedding photographer) and my best friend Jessie at their home on Whidbey Island a few weeks ago, Joe graciously handed over all of our wedding photos!

There were an incomprehensible number of photographs to weed through, Joe told me. (He and his second shooter, Justin, took over ELEVEN THOUSAND PICTURES during the course of the whole day!) It understandably took him nearly two months to weed through them. Then, even after he gave me his pared down selection, I did even further paring down just to make them manageable enough to post for friends and family on Facebook. It was a process.

(Plus, there are still hundreds and hundreds of raw photobooth pictures to go through but I might have to wait a bit on those!)

To that end, I’ve compiled six posts to share with you this week. I’ll be covering the venue, design and decor, everyone getting ready, the ceremony, our first pictures as husband and wife, and everything that went down at our reception!

Tune in tomorrow and every day this week if you want to see it all!

(Photo by Joe Gunn)

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