Outing: Long Beach Antique Market

Jonathan and I went to the Long Beach Antique Market this past month to see if we could find an item or two for the new apartment and I was in pretty things heaven.

We got up at 6:30 a.m. and headed out shortly after. This antique market happens once per month (3rd Sunday) and takes up 20 full acres of a parking lot adjacent to the Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. There is a fee to get in, though the cost is higher the earlier you arrive, since some of the incredible pieces likely get swooped up by serious buyers as soon as the gates open.

How beautiful are the handmade/vintage Persian rugs in the above photo? There were literally piles of them, and the prices were actually surprisingly reasonable. We almost walked away with this one but didn’t want to spend all our dough so early in the day.

In addition to loads of rugs, there was, well, everything else you could imagine. Here are some photos of some of the cool stuff we found, if you’d like to see…

Long Beach Flea Market 1

I have such an affinity for vintage desks. As a kid, my dad had his old one from when he was a child — the kind that had the desk attached to the back of a chair — and we kept it on our front porch. I’m not sure what happened to it (likely it was a casualty of subsequent moves), but I’d love to find one like it someday.

Long Beach Flea Market 2Long Beach Flea Market 3

I’m always tempted to buy cacti when I see them, because I love the idea of a home filled with plants… something my cat will not allow, I’m sad to report.

Something about them always makes me think of gorgeous modern interiors — white and wood and rock.

Long Beach Flea Market 4Long Beach Flea Market 5

Jonathan’s out-of-this-world Mai Tai would be especially delicious in one of these. A collection of tiki glasses is on my future home bar wishlist, to be sure.

long-beach-flea-market-6.jpgLong Beach Flea Market 8Long Beach Flea Market 7Long Beach Flea Market 9Long Beach Flea Market 10Long Beach Flea Market 11Long Beach Flea Market 12Long Beach Flea Market 14

It would be such a fun place to go and shop for accessories and decor. My budget seems to always be such that anything I have I want going towards something big, like a dining or coffee table — both of which we are lacking at the moment. The selection was really incredible, albeit overwhelming. I think it would be essential to go with a clear idea of what you need or want, otherwise it can feel like everything is just too good to pass up.

If it weren’t for Jonathan, my cabinets would probably be 90% vintage stemware and I’d have a room dedicated just to pretty chairs I couldn’t resist. Luckily he keeps me at least partially focused! :)

What do you think? Are you a fan of vintage decor or antiques? Ever score an amazing deal? I know there are some really amazing flea markets in LA and Southern California, but I haven’t been to others yet. Have you?

One thought on “Outing: Long Beach Antique Market

  1. I love antique markets! I’m particularly drawn to furniture (velvet! swoon!), but have basically no reason to buy it (wah!). I also love vintage glass, and will, someday, have a vintage Killim rug.


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