Meet Shug


Introducing the newest member of the Johnstone-Hyatt clan. This is Shug, or Sugar.


We adopted her rather spontaneously after seeing her several times in the waiting room of the vet where we’d taken Ennis after getting some sort of stomach bug.

When I half-joked with Jonathan about bringing a kitten home to surprise him after the first visit to the vet, I was surprised that he didn’t seem entirely repelled by the idea. On the third visit to the vet, he came with me and we took her home that day.

His weakness for cats and my propensity for making rash decisions will probably get us into trouble one day!


One of the things that stood out about her is her syndactyly back paw. (Can you see it in the photo above?) According to the vet tech we spoke with, she was the last one in her litter waiting to be adopted; despite being a complete love-bug, people had been put off by her paw with just one little claw.

Needless to say it doesn’t bother us, and it certainly doesn’t seem to bother her.

We decided to name her after Shug Avery from one of my all-time favorite books and films, The Color Purple. Something about her assertive but warmhearted nature made us feel like it was the perfect fit.


She is a sweetheart and she seems to already love Ennis. We’ll see how she and Fry end up getting along, though I expect they’ll be fast friends in no time.

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